Customized Signage Projects

Your custom signage, sign-boards, banners, etc., are manufactured at MegaHertz Electric Signs & Lighting and not outsourced. We are able to custom cut your metal logos, signage, plastic signs, glass, or whichever material you need to custom cut for your signage projects, whatever the size, shape, or need.

Since sign-boards or other signage of all types of businesses use all kinds of different materials, we are proficient in any material such as aluminum, carbon steel, plastic, tile, copper, brass, and more. Whether your signage is for the floor, walls, ceiling, or storefront, we got it covered.

Take a look at our photos of the different types of signage, sign-boards, and architectural signs that we have done for customers in the past. These range from exit signs to building size banner. We have done countless projects that have given us the experience needed to keep producing incredible custom signs.

Since we provide our customers with such quality products, our projects are individual works of art. No matter what your manufacturing needs are, we can help you make a good impression with professionals, precisely sign-boards and/or complex and custom signage. We never compromise on quality or delivery.

Give us a call today and see for yourself why other businesses turn to and trust MegaHertz Electric Signs & Lighting when it comes down to their signage.

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If you have a new project please give us a call. We would be honored to help you discover how MegaHertz can assist in obtaining the end result that you require.