Legal Consent & Paperwork


Part of excellence in the sign business is to be aware of local municipality codes and city ordinances. We take care of the running around and will assists and manage the paperwork involved in the permitting process. Our permit and entitlement services costs (i.e., man-hours, city fees, etc.) are not included in the contract, and this service is provided on a time and material basis.

Permit Expediting

Sometimes projects need to move faster, and there is a variety of things that may need to happen immediately to meet your building permit needs. We can help expedite and get things moving when they need to and will ensure your project is covered before it becomes a problem down the road.

Permit Consulting

We will guide you through the steps necessary to make sure your signage project goes smoothly. Our sign business is your go-to place for information and the expert advice demanded for every project we do. If you are unsure about what is needed or just need some advice before you get things started, please give us a call, or use our contact form.

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